With over 50 years of global marketing and sales expertise let us help you take your products and brands to the next level in the global markets.

We have award winning products published in over 50 markets and 35 languages worldwide to date and have the existing network to make the difference.....

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              McGill Assocs.,LLC

Catherine McMillen-Gill.

President and Co-Founder

Tel: +1(614) 264 6418

Email: catherine@mcgillassocs.com

Richard Gill

CEO and Co-Founder

Tel: +1 (614) 717 8335

​Email: richard@mcgillassocs.com

Richard Gill and Catherine McMillen

Our current clients include:

Anomia Press


Carma Games

Diggin Active

Educational Insights

Endless Games

​Interplay UK Limited

Kid Kreations

​Martinex OY